Wish happen...wish not happen...
Is there any century in human history
without wishes?

The students who take the occurence of wishes from 19's to days as adesign problem, during the design phase of project they convert theproject from surface of cube to 3 dimensional product.

For these reasonwhen i began to design the logo,poster,tee and tree i built everything oncubes.
In our country people make a wish and  attach a fabric on tree.

We have a lot of wishes about past  centuries but  i think we must hope for future...
This tree came out based on idea, the  visitors of our stand (Milano -Salone  Satellite E37 ) write their hopes and post it on tree;) Likethat the tree turn green with hopes;)

Front of poster
Back of poster

Photo by Melih C. Toygu
Photo by: K. N. İsa
WisHope Tee
%100 Cotton

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