Brand Name: Nabız  
Nabız mean Pulse in English.
Logo became N letter like pulse graphic.Logotype font is  Memphis Bold .I fill inside parts of letters for stencil.
Try different form on clothes. and new shoes model add Turk pattern on them.I do  pattern from stars ( 8 corners)
Sell products in package which looks like fasfood package for Fast Fashion;) In package there ar e some stickers and  e-zine( graphic-photo-motion graphic-music etc.) called  e-nabız. For support new artist and featured them.
Spray paint on cd and package;)
First tee design based  on Celaleddin Rumi (Mevlana) words.But ı cant translate English.
''Bir katre olma kendini deniz haline getir, mademki denizi özlüyorsun katreliği yok et gitsin beri gel beri!''
Second tee design based a Orhan Veli KANIK Poet
''Istanbulu dinliyorum gözlerim kapalı'' "I am listening to Istanbul, intent, my eyes closed''
Galata Tower like headphone jack and silhouette of Istanbul like sound wave, headphone cable compose poet

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