Package design for Turkish Delight       LOKUM mean =Turkish Delight
Logotype and pictogram
Color: Turkuaz C60 M00 Y20 K00

When i designed this package my aim was to atract children. besides that to provide sustainability instead of throw it away after consuming this product. For this reason the package can turn into a paper toy. The children put together the body ,which is inside the package, and the face. This helps to improve their intellectual development.
When i create the character i was inspired to Turkish shadow play's characters. Just like modernizing them . For information look at   KARAGOZ & HACIVAT  on wikipedia

An example of how it stands on the market shelf.

Character Name: Tiryaki
He always eat opium, gambling night and days in cafe. For this reason he only has a underpant;)

Character Name: Çelebi
He is main guy ;) very rich handsome, susceptible and gentleman.

Character Name: BebeRuhi
He is chatty ,  he can not pronounce the letter " R ", and  always gets beating form Karagöz thats why i designed him with a bandaid on his head.

Character Name: Karagöz
He has big eyes, black and  big pupil of eyes,his name come from his big black eyes. He has a big nose he is bearded andmustached. He always misunderstand Hacivat;)
Character Name: Hacivat
He is knowledgeable witty and intellectual.

Character Name: TuzsuzDeliBekir
He is nervous combative and always wear a dagger oh his belt.
Character Name: Frenk
Frenk is the name given to French in Ottomans. They are usually tailor barkeeper pharmacian or doctor.

Character Name: Zenne
She is tramp, she makes men fall in love with her.

Lastly when i designed these characters i sticked their old feature. I think its a very cool and funny characters.
If u want to listen different kinds of music from Turkey  TURKISH DELIGHT MUXTAPE   hope u like it guys!

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